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Corporate social responsibility is one of the three pillars of CSR and Sustainable Development in business. CSR takes on its full meaning in the current social context, what with globalization, crises, scandals, and becomes a pillar of sustainable development for certain organizations, corporations, and nonprofits. These firms and NGOs take on social responsibility and voluntarily engage with their stakeholders, as well as their employees, traders, unions, or rating agencies. Today, social risk management is paramount to CSR and the sustainable development of processes within organizations, companies, and NGOs. Our ways of life and consumption currently do not promote social equality, but inequalities in the corporate context are not inevitable and socially responsible solutions do exist... Corporate working conditions, social discrimination, skills management, remuneration, labor laws, sustainable development... In this category, find out about social issues that relate to the social responsibility of companies, nonprofits, and institutions. Discover examples of commitments and approaches of organizations to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

6 Arguments For More Gender Equality At Work

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

gender workplace equality
Improving gender equality in the workplace could bring companies many benefits. Do you want your employer to promote gender equality at work? We’re sharing 6 good arguments to help you build up your pitch on why your company should have more equality between men and women. What Is Happening With Gender Equality And How Is Women’s Corporate Situation Today? Despite accounting…

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At Bonduelle, seasonal employment provides opportunity, not instability

par Audrey Ciesla Audrey Ciesla

Eating seasonal vegetables benefits both our own health and that of the planet. Thanks to Bonduelle, which provides in-season, field-grown vegetables that are canned and frozen, it’s now possible to eat seasonal vegetables all year round! Although once they’re placed in cans or frozen, they can be eaten at absolutely any time, the fact remains that when we think of “seasonal…

Discover this CSR approach example or Sustainable Development initiatives

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