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The success of a business, institution, association comes from its human capital. It is therefore essential for it to protect its internal skills and to know how to transmit them. In terms of skills management, the challenge for an organization is to match its needs with the skills of its employees in order to optimize its performance. Succeeding this allows the organization to have the necessary knowledge to achieve its objectives. But how to do it? What are the results? In this category, find out about the latest social news related to the skills management in companies, associations and institutions. Discover also examples of companies’commitment and approaches in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The War For Talent: 4 Strategies To Better Attract And Retain Young Talent

par André Gonçalves André Gonçalves

attract retain young talent
How can we attract young talent? How can my business decrease young turnover? How to be an attractive brand for younger generations? Many companies ask themselves these questions. We have 4 recommendations on how to address these issues. They’re not rocket science, but definitely important to keep them in mind. More and more recruiters, or HR managers, worldwide are saying it…

Discover this CSR approach example or Sustainable Development initiatives

At Bonduelle, seasonal employment provides opportunity, not instability

par Audrey Ciesla Audrey Ciesla

Eating seasonal vegetables benefits both our own health and that of the planet. Thanks to Bonduelle, which provides in-season, field-grown vegetables that are canned and frozen, it’s now possible to eat seasonal vegetables all year round! Although once they’re placed in cans or frozen, they can be eaten at absolutely any time, the fact remains that when we think of “seasonal…

Discover this CSR approach example or Sustainable Development initiatives

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