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The environmental responsibility of companies is one of the three pillars of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as an integral part of sustainable development within companies, nonprofits, communities, and institutions. Corporate environmental responsibility is especially significant in the current environmental context, what with global warming, the alarming destruction of biodiversity, and other pressing environmental issues, and is becoming a pillar of responsible development for organizations, corporations, and NGOs. Today, considering and/or avoiding environmental risks is essential for the successful and sustainable development of organizations and pushes them to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. Today, our modes of production and consumption are harmful to the environment, but we don’t have to continue down this path... Global warming, ecodesign, biodiversity, stakeholder awareness ... Find in this category news of companies’ environmental responsibility initiatives. Discover also examples of environmental responsibility commitment and approaches of organizations in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

10 of the most popular foods are also the worst for the environment

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

It is common knowledge now that our diet has a very strong impact on the environment. Agriculture contributes nearly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and pesticides and fertilizers used to grow our food are largely responsible for pollution and havoc on ecosystems. But just what are the worst foods in environmental terms? At the risk of scaring you, most of…

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How Bonduelle’s close relationships with vegetable producers are helping to foster sustainable farming?

par Anne-Sophie Fontaine Anne-Sophie Fontaine

The agricultural sector is currently facing a number of threats that could, in the long term, endanger humans’ ability to supply ourselves with the food that we need. The challenge is clear—but how can the industry adapt to become amenable to more sustainable agricultural models? Anne-Sophie Fontaine, Corporate Communication & CSR Director, outlines the vision of the Bonduelle Group, which aims…

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