Waste Management

Overproduction, over-stocking, overuse of energy and raw materials, the waste produced by organizations has significant economic and environmental consequences. Organizations must now foresee the recycling of their products upstream as well as downstream and find alternative solutions particularly in their waste management. At the same time, consumers also play an important role in the fight against waste through the act of reasonable purchases. In this category, find out about the latest social news related to waste management in companies, associations and institutions. Discover also examples of companies’ commitment and approaches in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Is a Circular Economy the Key to Fighting Climate Change? A Circle Economy report

par André Gonçalves André Gonçalves

circular economy gap definition
Is a circular economy the key to fighting climate change? How circular are human’s activities nowadays? In what ways can a circular economy help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How can governments help in the transition to a more circular world? Let’s find out. A Natural World That is Circular and a Linear Society On January 22, at the annual World Economic…

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China Has A New Policy Banning Plastic Waste: Can It Turn Out To Be Something Good?

par André Gonçalves André Gonçalves

China was, for the last three decades, responsible for managing nearly half of the world’s plastic waste. In April 2018, the Chinese government announced a new policy to ban the import of 32 kinds of solid wastes including plastic waste, starting in December 2018. At the same time, our planet has been facing a huge plastic crisis that is affecting our…

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Sweden wants to lower taxes for those who repair instead of throwing away

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

Sweden is about to pass a law allowing consumers who choose to repair rather than throw away, to earn money and benefit from tax cuts. Is this a way to encourage more responsible and ecological consumption? As we know, our buying methods are leading us towards an ecological dead end. We buy too much, we consume too much, and as a…

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