Recycling Economy

The classic economic models have always based their development on the production of wealth at the expense of destruction of resources. As part of the sustainable development, the circular economy (also called function economy or green economy) works just the opposite way. The circular economy operates by limiting the waste of raw materials, water and energy. It is based on the eco-design of the products, and also on their repairing and recycling. Today, organizations are found to be key players and influencers in the development of a circular economy because of their central place in the society. In this category, find out about the latest social news related to circular economy in companies, associations and institutions. Discover also examples of companies’ commitment and approaches in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Sweden wants to lower taxes for those who repair instead of throwing away

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

Sweden is about to pass a law allowing consumers who choose to repair rather than throw away, to earn money and benefit from tax cuts. Is this a way to encourage more responsible and ecological consumption? As we know, our buying methods are leading us towards an ecological dead end. We buy too much, we consume too much, and as a…

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