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Economic responsibility is one of the three pillars of CSR and Sustainable Development in corporations and nonprofits. Corporate economic responsibility is more relevant than ever to companies, NGOs, and institutions in the current context of socioeconomic inequality and business ethics. Today, proper and economic management of operations and societal risks, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, is essential for the sustainable and competitive development of organizations, companies, and NGOs. Our increasingly demanding consumption in our local economies as well as the world economy is putting pressure on firms to function both profitably and sustainably, but ethical and transparent governance with CSR is not out of reach...

Economic and social development, responsible governance, business ethics, socially responsible investment (SRI), stakeholder dialogue, sponsorships and donations, NGO-business partnership, responsible purchasing... In this category, find out about economic responsibility news in relation to corporate social responsibility of companies, nonprofits, and institutions. Discover also examples of economic responsibility, commitment, and approaches of organizations in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Territorial management for the Bonduelle CSR Strategy

par Carine Gonçalves Carine Gonçalves

Bonduelle’s agricultural and food industry business covers vast land areas and requires the significant availability of natural resources such as plants, water, and energy. The Bonduelle Group has always paid special attention to the land areas it works with, which are also often the agricultural basins that are essential to the continuity of its business. It is important for the Group…

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The Louis Bonduelle Foundation: Carrying out practical measures to promote sustainable eating habits

par Laurence Depezay Laurence Depezay

As a specialist in vegetable products, the Bonduelle Group has a particularly relevant and significant role to play when it comes to dietary matters. Without a doubt, the future of food will revolve around culturally appropriate food systems (as our dietary behavior is inextricably linked to our culture) that help to protect the environment (as the environment and food are entirely…

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How Generation Y Is (Maybe) Going To Save The Business World ?

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

What if Generation Y was capable of transforming global business and getting it “on the right side”? How will the new expectations of these young and digital consumers influence companies and move them towards more responsible, fairer, more environmentally and socially responsible business models? Decryption. Generation Y will soon take power. They are arriving slowly in the labor market, returning to…

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The Top 100 Companies With The Best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Reputation

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

[box] NEW ARTICLE: Discover The New 2019 Ranking Of The Companies With The Best CSR Reputation. [/box] Which companies have the strongest CSR reputation in the world? Which are perceived as the most responsible? Back to the “CSR Rep Track” ranking, published by the renowned Reputation Institute. The importance of CSR for the reputation of brands The links between CSR and…

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How can we highlight the importance of responsible agricultural practices to the public ? Bonduelle’s hackathon leads the way

par Anne-Sophie Ketterer Anne-Sophie Ketterer

For two years, Bonduelle and its corporate partners have been using the annual Paris International Agricultural Show as a chance to meet the public and consumers. Their objective? To spread the message of responsible agricultural practices. In December 2016, Bonduelle decided to go one step further, transforming the meeting of its “stakeholders” using an innovative concept taken from the IT world…

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