Fight Against Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a marketing concept used by organizations to create an ecological image without having real initiatives in this respect. "Good for the environment", "ecological", "green" ... the use of a certain vocabulary or images related to nature are signs of greenwashing practices. Today, large multinationals are the ones who use this practice the most often because, facing their polluting activities, they want to improve their brand image. On the contrary, other organizations (notably environmental protection associations) are trying to denounce this practice, which undermines organizations which try to offer products that are genuinely environmentally friendly. In this category, find out about the latest social news related to fight against greenwashing in companies, associations and institutions. Discover also examples of companies’ commitment and approaches in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Greenwashing definition – What is greenwashing?

par André Gonçalves André Gonçalves

greenwashing definition examples zero emissions
What is greenwashing? What are the most typical examples of greenwashing? A brief article to help you not be greenwashed. Definition of greenwashing Greenwashing is a communication and marketing strategy adopted by companies or other organizations. It consists in putting forward ecological arguments in order to forge an ecologically responsible image among the public. Nevertheless, the reality of the facts does…

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