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Promoting product quality, encouraging the local economy, respecting seasonality, reducing the environmental impact of purchases ... The benefits of local consumption are numerous and are now recognized by many citizens. It has become an increasingly visible trend that many citizens buy vegetables directly from local suppliers. Faced with this enthusiasm, the organizations have turned to the subject. Applications, websites, networks, AMAP ... many innovations are emerging in recent years to encourage a return to consumption in short cycles. In this category, find out about the latest social news related to local consumption, the new mode of responsible consumption in companies, associations and institutions. Discover also examples of companies’ commitment and approaches in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Vegetarian, Omnivore, Organic, Locavore: The Environmental Impact Of Your Food Decrypted

par Clément Fournier Clément Fournier

The first episode of our special issue dedicated to responsible eating! What is the environmental impact of our diet? Global warming, soil pollution, water contamination… Agriculture and food production have enormous impacts on our planet. But how can we reduce the carbon footprint of our diet? Which diet is the most “eco-friendly”? Which protects the environment and the planet the most?…

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