Bonduelle Group

Sector : Food
Website :
Year of creation : 1853
Workforce : 11 800
Head office : Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)
Revenues : 2,288 millions €

Bonduelle is a family-run group established in 1853 in France. Our ambition is to be the world reference in ‘well living’ through vegetable products.

Our vegetables, grown over an area of more than 128,000 hectares, are sold in 100 countries in all forms, under all types of brands, through all distribution channels and using all available technologies: canned, frozen, pasteurized, dried, fresh/ready-to-use.

Launched in 2002, our CSR strategy is structured around five objectives to be met by 2025:

Caring, with our farmer partners, for cultivated land.

Reducing our environmental impact, from field to plate.

Encouraging as many people as possible to eat healthily and sustainably, and increasing affordability.

Ensuring the ‘well-living’ of employees and local communities.

Encouraging involvement across the board.

Audrey Ciesla
  Bonduelle Group
  HR Development Manager for Europe at Bonduelle Frais Traiteur
Anne-Sophie Ketterer
  Bonduelle Group
  Group CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Manager
Christophe Château
  Bonduelle Group
  CSR, PR, and Corporate Marketing Director
Carine Gonçalves
  Bonduelle Group
  Energy & Environment Manager
Eloïse Remy-Castagna
  Bonduelle Group
  Head of Research at the Louis Bonduelle Foundation
Laurence Depezay
  Bonduelle Group
  Scientific Communication Director and member of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s Board of Directors
Mathilde Goussault
  Bonduelle Group
  CSR project manager

Territorial management for the Bonduelle CSR Strategy

Bonduelle’s agricultural and food industry business covers vast land areas and requires the significant availability of natural resources such as plants, water, and energy. The Bonduelle Group has always paid special attention to the land areas it works with, which are also often the agricultural basins that are essential to the continuity of its business. It is important for the Group…

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How can you turn CSR reporting into a performance management tool?

Every year, businesses prepare and publish their CSR reporting, always seeking to improve. The relevance of the information highlighted, meeting targets, responding to the ever increasing and higher expectations of stakeholders… sustainable development reports keep on coming, but never stop changing! At Bonduelle, this drive for continuous development was rewarded in 2017 with the first prize for “best environmental reporting”, recognising…

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How can we encourage children to love veggies? The Louis Bonduelle Foundation looks for effective strategies

Though everyone now knows how beneficial vegetables are, we still fail to meet daily nutritional requirements. Like so many of the fundamental lessons we learn, good dietary habits are formed when we are children. It is therefore vital that we teach our children to love healthy foods starting from a very early age, and that includes foods like veggies that are…

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The Louis Bonduelle Foundation: Carrying out practical measures to promote sustainable eating habits

As a specialist in vegetable products, the Bonduelle Group has a particularly relevant and significant role to play when it comes to dietary matters. Without a doubt, the future of food will revolve around culturally appropriate food systems (as our dietary behavior is inextricably linked to our culture) that help to protect the environment (as the environment and food are entirely…

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Bonduelle doesn’t just call its employees to action : it provides the tools necessary for change

Just like in the old tale where the hummingbird attempts to put out a wildfire with a beakful of water, many of us here at Bonduelle want to change the world, even if it’s just by making small adjustments in our everyday lives. This is particularly true of our professional lives. Our desire to shake things up grew considerably after around…

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At Bonduelle, seasonal employment provides opportunity, not instability

Eating seasonal vegetables benefits both our own health and that of the planet. Thanks to Bonduelle, which provides in-season, field-grown vegetables that are canned and frozen, it’s now possible to eat seasonal vegetables all year round! Although once they’re placed in cans or frozen, they can be eaten at absolutely any time, the fact remains that when we think of “seasonal…

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How can we highlight the importance of responsible agricultural practices to the public ? Bonduelle’s hackathon leads the way

For two years, Bonduelle and its corporate partners have been using the annual Paris International Agricultural Show as a chance to meet the public and consumers. Their objective? To spread the message of responsible agricultural practices. In December 2016, Bonduelle decided to go one step further, transforming the meeting of its “stakeholders” using an innovative concept taken from the IT world…

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How Bonduelle’s close relationships with vegetable producers are helping to foster sustainable farming?

The agricultural sector is currently facing a number of threats that could, in the long term, endanger humans’ ability to supply ourselves with the food that we need. The challenge is clear—but how can the industry adapt to become amenable to more sustainable agricultural models? Christophe Château, PR, Corporate Marketing, and Sustainable Development Director, outlines the vision of the Bonduelle Group,…

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