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At Bonduelle, seasonal employment provides opportunity, not instability

par Audrey Ciesla Audrey Ciesla

Eating seasonal vegetables benefits both our own health and that of the planet. Thanks to Bonduelle, which provides in-season, field-grown vegetables that are canned and frozen, it’s now possible to eat seasonal vegetables all year round! Although once they’re placed in cans or frozen, they can be eaten at absolutely any time, the fact remains that when we think of “seasonal…

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How can we highlight the importance of responsible agricultural practices to the public ? Bonduelle’s hackathon leads the way

par Anne-Sophie Ketterer Anne-Sophie Ketterer

For two years, Bonduelle and its corporate partners have been using the annual Paris International Agricultural Show as a chance to meet the public and consumers. Their objective? To spread the message of responsible agricultural practices. In December 2016, Bonduelle decided to go one step further, transforming the meeting of its “stakeholders” using an innovative concept taken from the IT world…

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How Bonduelle’s close relationships with vegetable producers are helping to foster sustainable farming?

par Anne-Sophie Fontaine Anne-Sophie Fontaine

The agricultural sector is currently facing a number of threats that could, in the long term, endanger humans’ ability to supply ourselves with the food that we need. The challenge is clear—but how can the industry adapt to become amenable to more sustainable agricultural models? Anne-Sophie Fontaine, Corporate Communication & CSR Director, outlines the vision of the Bonduelle Group, which aims…

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