Dictionary of CSR and Sustainable Development

Why CSR definitions?


In the face of an ever-changing society and an ever-changing economy, in the face of climate change and environmental problems, we are continuously looking for new strategies and solutions. We need developed social and economic models that allow companies to both thrive and contribute to preserving the planet, improving the living conditions of their workers, and striving for social equality.

This is called “sustainable development.” In the business world, this is closely tied with CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, an aspect of production and business that has been growing and becoming very significant in recent years.

However, these new trends are not necessarily simple to understand. What is CSR? What are the standards and regulations of corporate social responsibility? What is sustainable development and the issues surrounding it? How would a company, nonprofit, or institution implement a CSR approach? What is a LCA or a Carbon Assessment?

With our dictionary, you will know every definition regarding sustainable development and CSR. Discover the definitions of all the terms and issues related to CSR and Sustainable Development!


CSR and Sustainable Development Dictionary: the basics and fundamentals